Medable uses Rackspace to help deliver secure API

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Medable, an application and analytics platform for healthcare, is utilizing a hybrid cloud environment with Rackspace Public Cloud and Private Cloud to help deliver a secure API to its customers.

The announcement took place at the Rackspace::Solve conference in Los Angeles, which featured Rackspace experts, customers and partners discussing how they solve their toughest IT challenges.

Palo Alto-based Medable offers a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution for developers.

To provide optimized security and near real-time device visualization, Medable relies on Rackspace Managed Cloud, combining Public Cloud and Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack.

“Our customers come to us so they can meet compliance requirements, so we must have the necessary infrastructure, physical security and safeguards in place for our offering,” said Tim Smith, CTO at Medable.

Rackspace assists Medable in providing its secure healthcare API to customers and collecting meaningful longitudinal data.

Meanwhile, device companies use the platform to deliver device data to doctors and patients for immediate care.

Additionally, Medable customers can aggregate meaningful data on outcomes for multiple patients suffering from the same medical issue to generate predictive algorithms.

“We are in the infancy of mobile patient care, but as healthcare moves to mobile and web, many companies will seek providers that can reduce the barriers to entry around security and HIPAA compliance,” said Michelle Longmire, CEO of Medable and physician-scientist at Stanford.

With hybrid solutions available at Rackspace, Medable said it can scale to accommodate the growing number of applications in the healthcare industry.

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