IDC Asia/Pacific WAN and Communications survey results disclosed

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More than 70 percent of data centers across Asia are now served by networks that offer speeds greater than 100Mbps to the enterprises, latest IDC survey, commissioned by Ciena, revealed.

Singapore and Korea boast the highest proportion of superfast 1Gbps+ data center to enterprise connections.  IDC said this bandwidth is needed to enable next-generation technologies such as virtualization, cloud, security, business continuity / disaster recovery and mobility.

“With virtualization, mobility and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) picking up, today’s networks have become the lifeblood of an enterprise,” Karl Horne, Ciena Asia Pacific CTO.

“This study demonstrates that for Asian enterprises the network is moving away from the IT silo toward serving as a key driver for successful business outcomes,” Horned added.

Disaster recovery was noted as a top concern and the most commonly cited reason for businesses to increase network investment in the data center. The emphasis on disaster recovery points to how critical network infrastructure can be to the operations of a business. It is also influenced by new regulations, especially in sensitive sectors such as communications, banking, government and healthcare.

Further, the survey found that data centers in the Asia are becoming more interconnected and are often used for off-site storage and data back-up, resulting in increasing appetite for data center interconnect solutions.

In the study, data center providers cited ease of management, scalability and cost as the top three reasons for choosing a data center interconnect solution.

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