Huawei to supply modular data centre solution to Dubai Airports

FusionModule1000B prefabricated modular data centre solutionHuawei said Dubai Airports has selected its FusionModule1000B prefabricated modular data centre solution to build a new data centre.

The data center solution consists of 23 container-sized prefabricated modules, equipped with in-row precision air conditioners and modular UPS products.

Huawei said that the modular data centre solution saves nearly a half of the time and construction costs it takes to erect a traditional facility. Huawei said the FusionModule1000B adopts a range of data centre technologies to improve energy efficiency. The total power is up to 1 MW.

Dubai Airports is expecting that the data centre must ensure an availability of 99.98 percent and an annual downtime within 1.6 hours. The project was estimated to be completed in 10 months, meeting Dubai Airports’ requirement for quick delivery and addressing the problem of lack of space for building a traditional data centre.

The variable-frequency in-row air conditioner, highly efficient modular UPS, and aisle containment can reduce the designed power usage effectiveness (PUE) to less than 1.6, which is 30 percent lower than that of a traditional data centre.

Huawei equipped the new data centre with the NetEco intelligent management system to simplify O&M and reduce management costs. Dubai Airport can extend the capacity by adding required modules. Compared with traditional data centres, this implements flexible expansion and saves the engineering costs and floor area.

Dubai Airports has launched the DXB Plus program to use innovation and technology to increase the hub’s capacity.

“The focus of DXB Plus is to integrate the sector’s efforts to meet airline demand and ensure better customer experience from ‘cloud to curb’ – vital for delivering unconstrained sector growth,” said Peter R Moore, director of Development (Design) at Dubai Airports.

Dubai Airports is optimizing customer experience in a range of aspects, including customer service and processing, baggage and cargo processing, operations, airspace and runways, stands, and infrastructure.

The company is making investment in enabling free Wi-Fi, Smart Gates, data collection and sharing, airport Apps, requirement forecasts, asset management and maintenance, and flight punctuality rate management, among others.

Dubai Airports has deployed Smart Gates at DXB to speed up passport procedures. A passenger holding an Emirates ID card or a biometric passport can bypass long queues and complete immigration process within seconds. The Smart Gate service saves passengers’ time and helps the airport maintain smoother passenger flow.

Dubai Airports CIO said technology is key to enhancing its ability to grow, innovate and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

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