Huawei launches data center disaster recovery solution

Enterprise networking vendor Huawei has launched its data center disaster recovery solution in Shanghai Expo Center.

The solution realizes automatic business switch, application zero interruption and data zero loss, together with effective resource management.

Zhang Shunmao, president of Marketing and Solution Department of Huawei, said: “Huawei has expanded R&D and input in cloud computing and data center fields, providing the end-to-end product and solution portfolio.”

Through the optimization of storage and network technology, delay of data transmission can be reduced.

In addition, clients are provided with efficient, direct and simple overall management tools with 50 percent maintenance work reduction and 30 percent business recovery time shorten.

Huawei has made commercial deployment of over 400 data center globally, including 120 cloud data centers.

Chen Shijun, president of Data Center Solution Department of Huawei, said: “Data center is the most priority of enterprises IT construction, and also the important strategic direction of Huawei. We are confident to solve the difficulty of business continuity for customers and make the data center more efficient and reliable.”

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