Huawei CloudEngine 12816 data center switches support TRILL standard

Enterprise IT vendor Huawei said its CloudEngine 12816 data center switches (CE12816) support Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)-based standards.

Huawei and test and measurement vendor Spirent conducted the Full Mesh and networking capability tests. This test verified that the CE12816 supports TRILL-based networking of up to 512 nodes.

TRILL, a Layer 2 networking standard recommended by IETF, is a multi-hop standard Ethernet based on shortest path routing and allows enterprises to build large-scale data center networks. Functioning as the core of a data center network, the CE12816 supports the standard TRILL protocol.

During the Full Mesh test, the CE12816 was configured with 16 high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) Line Cards, and each line card featured 48 units of 10GE ports. Test results indicated that none of the 768 units of 10GE ports experienced any packet loss during the line-speed forwarding exercise.

Huawei CloudEngine 12816 data center switches support TRILL standard

Huawei claims that this is the largest-scale Full Mesh test of 10GE ports on a device as a whole, as well as the largest-scale TRILL-based Full Mesh test in China. The CE12816 is the first data center switch in the industry to pass this test.

Gene Zhang, vice president and general manager of Spirent Communications Asia Pacific, said: “Spirent’s 40GE test module is able to simulate a large-scale networking environment, thus providing a cost-effective solution for vendors to verify the performance of data center Top-of-Rack and End-of-Row switches.”

Huawei launched the CE12816 data center switches on January 2013. CE12816 features the highest performance in the industry with a maximum switching capacity of 64 Tbit/s and is poised to support the sustainable development of enterprise data center networks for the next 10 years.

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