HP wins manpower data center contract from U.S Defense

HP announced that it has won a manpower data center contract from the U.S. Defense to modernize and manage mission-critical systems.

The company will provide Applications Management Services to monitor, maintain and enhance the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), Defense Central Index of Investigations, Improved Investigative Records Repository and the Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission.

These systems provide comprehensive personnel security management for all DoD employees, military personnel, civilians and DoD contractors.

HP will also implement HP Transformation and Integration Services to create security and data services for the new Joint Verification System (JVS), making the environment more modern and standardized.

HP Datacenter

These services will integrate easily with the DISS user interface components to provide efficient access to the service. It enables data to be shared on an as-needed basis, resulting in faster response times and less stress on the network.

HP will migrate the existing JPAS data into the JVS format, utilizing database extraction, transformation and load processes to preserve data quality during the data migration process, ensuring quality during this transition.

HP has provided applications and IT solutions to DMDC for more than 30 years.

HP recently also announced that HoneyBaked Ham Company of Georgia selected HP Converged Storage to increase data center capacity and performance and improve real-time decision making that is critical to meeting seasonal business demands.

Earlier this year, HP also announced the software and services that help automate the life cycle of IT services. The new data center automation and cloud management software is designed to enable enterprise IT to deliver services on a massive scale—on premises or via the cloud.

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