Hallmark Business Connections selects Nutanix to reduce operational costs

Hallmark Business Connections has selected Nutanix as the infrastructure solution for its next generation datacenter to reduce operational costs by 55 percent.

Hallmark Business Connections has implemented a datacenter migration program while experiencing substantial performance and productivity returns.

The company said Hallmark will expand the project’s cope and budget while migrating all of its datacenter to Nutanix.

Additionally, by the end of 2016, Hallmark Business Connections will complete its next generation datacenter by moving all customer-facing workloads to the Nutanix platform within the next few months.

Company officials said Hallmark’s development and production infrastructure operates across 11 datacenter racks but after migration to Nutanix the footprint will be reduced to five racks while reducing operational costs.

In addition, engineer workload will be also reduced from an estimated 20 hours a week to just two or 90 percent time savings.

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Nutanix has eliminated the need for separate storage management and migration to Nutanix includes the ease of integration with the company’s existing infrastructure and the hypervisor agnostic nature of the Nutanix approach.

“Moving that workload to the Nutanix cluster allowed us to decrease development time considerably, by up to 72 percent, enabling us to easily meet our target of delivering new system builds up to 12 times a day,” said Bob Dussault, director of Infrastructure and Information security officer at Hallmark Business Connections.

In March, Yahoo Japan deployed Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform for desktop virtualization to reduce malware infections.

In February, N2N Connect Berhad selected the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform to attain higher performance, flexible scalability and greater operating efficiency for its business and to reduce operational IT expenditures by 50 percent.

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