GoDaddy India customer base up 86 percent

GoDaddy India customer base increased 86 percent since opening a customer care center here in India last summer.

The local support team in Hyderabad is assisting customers around the clock.

Over the last year, GoDaddy’s support teams in India have handled more than 250,000 local inbound customer calls.

GoDaddy operates data center facilities in Europe and Asia and serves 12 million paying customers globally.

“GoDaddy has seen the passion and drive of the Indian people in ways that are absolutely inspiring – from the owner of a small retail store to a local taxi driver who each built websites to attract new customers,” said GoDaddy International Senior Vice President James Carroll.

godaddy, a machine tools manufacturing company, has benefitted immensely from of GoDaddy.

“In addition to the competitive prices and products, one of the primary drivers for me choosing GoDaddy is the excellent customer service. My queries get resolved immediately in the most efficient manner with the best advice possible,” said managing director Sanjay Tilala.

“GoDaddy has managed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses,” said GoDaddy India Managing Director and Vice President Rajiv Sodhi.

GoDaddy’s Reseller network has grown 88 percent in India since last year.

GoDaddy has connected with customers in a very personal way. Recently, it did a Cup of Coffee campaign that demystified the process of leveraging the Internet by providing actual door-to-door demonstrations to show small businesses exactly how to get online.

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