Go Daddy’s Indian customers grew 91 percent


Infotech Lead India: Go Daddy said its India customers increased 91 percent in July 2012 compared with July 2011.


Since January and through the first seven months of the year, data shows Go Daddy growing new Indian customers by a robust 52 percent.


Go Daddy India has set up its customer care facility in Hyderabad, India, which has been in operation since June.


A team of local agents, who speak local languages, are now providing Go Daddy’s customer service to Indian customers.


Agents have already taken more than 10,000 calls, mostly from entrepreneurs and business owners. To date, Go Daddy India now supports more than 120,000 customers.


“What we are doing is helping people leverage the Internet to grow their businesses … providing simple products at competitive prices and supporting them with industry-best customer service based here in India. It’s a pretty straightforward formula and it works,” said Go Daddy India Managing Director Rajiv Sodhi.


In addition to dramatic growth with customers, calls and service, monthly website traffic is rising rapidly, as well, with traffic to in.GoDaddy.com increased by 54 percent, year-over-year.


Go Daddy’s Vice President of International Development Ryan Corder, said Go Daddy is fueling growth in India by offering a one-stop shop for small businesses looking to grow their businesses on the Internet.


Its business approach has helped Go Daddy grow to serve more than 10.4 million customers worldwide. Go Daddy also has more than 53 million domain names under management, the largest portfolio in the history of the Internet.


Customers can make payments for online purchases in Indian rupees through Net Banking, various cash cards and mobile devices, in addition to credit cards. These payment options make it convenient for customers to make secure transactions.


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