Freescale Semiconductor’s Networking Product & R&D head on its datacenter approach

Subind Kumar, head, Networking Product & R&D, Freescale Semiconductor India, talks about its datacenter approach and challenges in the industry.

Freescale has developed applications for data centers like Intelligent Network Adaptor, Application Delivery Controller and SDN Switch/Router.

Freescale’s datacenter approach provides embedded solutions for switching platforms, storage platforms, application delivery controllers, intelligent network interface controllers and converged network adapters and low power servers. We are uniquely present in this market segment to enable common platforms through a broad portfolio of integrated SoC solutions for control and data path processing.

Industry experts have been speaking about a lot of technology trends in the datacenter space. The need and adoption of datacenters in India is very important and to drive the same efficiently is an area to be worried about. Datacenter operators will continue to focus on energy efficiency and security while investigating software-defined strategies. The investment in the datacenters is also expected to increase.

Subind Head Networking & R & D, Freescale

Three prime technology trends in this space reduction of carbon footprints and security in datacenter.

The customer simply demands solutions which are cost effective, easy to use and are efficient. Also data security is one of main demands of the customer. Since data is put on the cloud the need for security is high.

The lack of standardization is also a challenge. Since the industry is evolving lot of standards are in play and semiconductor providers have to make devices to meet the demands of several customers.

India is on a rapid growth trend, many more people are getting connected leading to a challenge of scaling up at all times. Hence, a semiconductor provider should think about how scalable solution they can provide. The other important factor is cost, how the total cost of ownership of a product can be managed that includes the cost of acquisition and power consumption. The product should also be highly robust and reliable and should be able to sustain in a tough environment.

It is important to consider, how to provide good connectivity and access where there is no power grid. Power consumption is a challenge in India. It’s thus important that a semiconductor provider is able to offer a product which utilizes less energy and also has alternate options to run on, like batteries or solar panels.

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