Flexenclosure data center services expand to Southern Africa, deploys eCentre for Vodacom Mozambique

Infotech Lead Europe:  Flexenclosure, a developer of intelligent power management systems and pre-fabricated data centers for the ICT industry, has deployed an energy efficient and pre-fabricated data center for Vodacom Mozambique.

The new eCentre is set up in central Maputo. The 126 sqm roof top deployment consists of three 42 sqm eCentre units and houses mission critical data and telecom equipment for Vodacom Mozambique. The data center is optimized for energy efficiency and low TCO, the company said.

Since 2001 when the first eCentre was installed in Nigeria, Flexenclosure has installed eCentres in West, Central and North Africa, and now also in Southern Africa. To date the majority of Flexenclosure’s installations of eCentre have been in Africa. In total, almost 6,000 sqm of eCentre area has been deployed in Africa.

“We needed to put this facility in place quickly, efficiently, on time and to a very high quality and Flexenclosure allowed us to achieve that,” said Jerry Mobbs, managing director, Vodacom Mozambique.

“They de-risked our project significantly because the detailed technical work was all done in a clean environment in Sweden and the amount of civils work needed on site was minimized,” Mobbs said.  “By putting the Flexenclosure facility in place, if we do have an outage our customers won’t notice it as it gives us a level of backup that we did not have before.”

Mozambique’s annual growth rate is approximately 8 percent. The mobile communication penetration rate is still well below the African average at approximately 39 percent.

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