Equinix to invest $1.9 bn to enhance data center presence

Equinix has revealed more details about its expansion and investment plans to enhance its data center presence.
Equinix at Oracle OpenWorld 2017Equinix announced that it will open 12 new data centers and expand 23 existing IBX data centers in 2019 as part of a $1.73 to $1.92 billion of capital expenditure expansion program for the year.

The following new IBX data centers will open in 2019.

Q1 openings

Paris – In March 2019, Equinix opened PA8 — its eighth IBX in the Paris metro, and the first dedicated to hyperscale customers. Equinix said its PA8 is currently 60 percent pre-leased.

Shanghai – In February 2019, Equinix opened its fifth IBX in Shanghai’s Pudong Free-Trade Zone. The SH6 IBX data center is the largest Equinix facility in Shanghai and is a hub for the trading and financial services sectors.

Q2 plans

Helsinki – Equinix will open its seventh IBX data center in Helsinki, HE7. Helsinki is a digital gateway bridging the gap between Russia, the Baltic states and the rest of Europe through direct digital routes.

London – In April 2019, Equinix opened, LD7, its eighth IBX in London. Equinix will have invested over $1.2 billion to build and expand its presence in the London area.

Sofia – Equinix will extend its presence in Bulgaria, opening its second IBX in Sofia.

Tokyo – Equinix will open its eleventh and largest IBX in Tokyo, TY11.

Q3 plans

Melbourne –Equinix will open its fourth IBX in Melbourne, ME2.

Seoul – Equinix will open its first IBX in South Korea, SL1.

Sydney – Equinix will open its eighth IBX in Sydney, SY5. SY5 will be Equinix’s largest IBX in Australia.

Warsaw – Equinix will open WA3, its third IBX in Warsaw, Poland.

Q4 plans

Hamburg – HH1, the first IBX in Hamburg, extends Equinix to its fourth metro in Germany.

Singapore – Equinix will open its fourth IBX in Singapore, SG4.

In addition to the 12 new IBX openings in 2019, Equinix expansions of existing IBX data centers include 23 projects that will open in 2019 in the Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt(three expansion projects), Hong Kong (three expansion projects), London (four expansion projects), Madrid, New York, Osaka, Paris, Perth, Seattle, Stockholm and Zurich (two expansion projects) metros.

In 2018, Equinix sourced clean and renewable energy for over 90 percent of its global data center footprint.

Equinix currently operates 202 IBX data centers in 24 countries and 52 metros across 22.2 million gross square feet of data center space. The company has more than 9,800 customers, including more than 1,800 networks and more than 2,900 cloud and IT service providers.

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