Equinix to increase investment in Singapore to $350 mn

Equinix today said its total investment in its data center in Singapore will be more than $350 million.

The investment is to accommodate the second phase expansion of its third International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Singapore.

In the phase two of the expansion at SG3, Equinix will add 2,000 cabinets, bringing its total operational capacity to 3,000 cabinets.

The company said due to the growing demands of data center services from cloud and financial sectors Equinix is expanding its investment in the data center.

According to Equinix, since March it has opened five new data centers across four continents with locations in New York, Singapore, Melbourne, London, and Toronto to help global companies connect directly to a large network of partners, customers and employees.


Equinix with Equnix Cloud Exchange accelerate business growth by bringing people and businesses closer together.

The data center will fulfill the increasing demand for premium interconnection and data center services in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

Company officials said, customers like Fujitsu can deploy SG3 to directly access Equinix’s network-dense ecosystem of more than 1,000 networks globally, over 190 of which are directly accessible in Singapore.

This apart, businesses can expand their cloud and data capabilities rapidly as data consumption and content volume continue to increase.

“Increasingly companies see great potential in multi-cloud access and the importance of a strong, reliable, yet flexible solution. SG3 phase two was launched to help companies like Fujitsu ensure that they are in a solid position to support their customers’ needs,” said Clemen Goh, managing director, Equinix South Asia.

Few months ago, Equinix signed an agreement with Aliyun, Alibaba Group Holding Limited to provide direct access to Aliyun’s cloud platform via the Equinix Cloud Exchange in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley.

Shilpa Khatri

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