Equinix plans new IBX data center in Osaka, Japan

Equinix plans to develop a new International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Osaka, called OS1, which will be its first data center in the western region of Japan.

Equinix together with K-Opticom, an access provider in Osaka/Kansai area and Kanden Energy Solutions (KENES) will open the new data center in Osaka in Q4 of 2013.

The data center will strengthen global network connectivity in Osaka by directly connecting to Dojima, the network core in Osaka.

This follows Equinix’s recent announcement to build its fourth IBX data center in Tokyo in response to high demand for data center services in Japan. The total investment for Phase 1 of the Osaka data center will be $12 million.

The new OS1 data center will provide total capacity of 32,000 square feet and over 800 cabinets equivalents.

The first phase, scheduled to open in Q4, 2013, will provide initial capacity of 320 cabinets.

OS1 will also strengthen Osaka’s international communication infrastructure as a global network hub through direct connectivity via optical fiber to Dojima, the network core in Osaka.

In addition, OS1 will offer customers in Osaka Equinix Internet Exchange (EIE) services, the world’s most widely distributed peering and traffic exchange available in 19 locations around the world.

“Osaka is another important strategic market, along with Tokyo in Japan. Many of our global customers have requested Equinix data center services in Osaka. With the support of K-Opticom, Kenes and O-BIC, we can meet that demand by opening our first IBX data center in Osaka,” said Kei Furuta, managing director of Equinix Japan.

“As the backbone of the digital economy Platform Equinix is used by more than 4,000 customers worldwide and serves as an interconnection platform to promote business growth among customers. I am honored to be able to help invigorate the Osaka economy and promote internationalization through OS1,” Furuta added.


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