Equinix launches NetApp Private Storage for AWS

Infotech Lead America: Equinix has launched NetApp Private Storage for AWS in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers where AWS Direct Connect is deployed including the United States and Asia.

The new storage solution enables enterprises to leverage on-demand cloud compute services while retaining full control of their data; data remains secure on a private NetApp storage array.

Greg Adgate, general manager global alliances and partnerships, Equinix, said: “Equinix’s cloud ecosystem makes Platform Equinix an ideal place to combine NetApp Private Storage with AWS Direct Connect.”

NetApp Private Storage for AWS allows enterprises to balance private and public cloud resources to best meet their business needs. This enables enterprises to maintain control of their data, comply with the most stringent privacy and security standards, and deliver sub-5ms performance.

In addition, enterprise customers with heavy storage and compute needs can now combine NetApp Private Storage with AWS Direct Connect. Enterprises can benefit from cost and agility benefits of public cloud while addressing compliance and security standards and retaining control over data.

When located within an Equinix IBX data center, NetApp Private Storage for AWS enables sub-5ms response times on data traveling between the hosted NetApp array and AWS. Other data center providers claiming a “direct connection” to public cloud services use long-haul circuits for the connection, which introduces additional latency and impairs performance.

Moreover, enterprises can use NetApp Private Storage for AWS for applications such as disaster recovery, development and test, burst, tiered data back-up and recovery, big data analytics, and more.

Jon Mellon, vice president and general manager, Americas Telco/Service Providers, NetApp, said: “Our partnership with Equinix puts NetApp in the perfect position to give businesses control over a flexible mix of on-premise and cloud resources.”

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