Equinix invests $122 mn for new data center in Silicon Valley

Equinix Silicon Valley data centerEquinix has made an investment of $122 million to open a new data center in Silicon Valley, located at its Great Oaks campus in San Jose.

Equinix data centers in Silicon Valley support more than 625 customers and represent the second-largest internet exchange point in North America.

With the addition of SV10, Equinix has invested a total of nearly $400 million in the local economy with its Great Oaks campus.

According to the Global Interconnection Index, a study published by Equinix, the U.S. is the largest and most advanced region for Interconnection Bandwidth growth, with 82 percent of enterprises’ bandwidth expected to be dedicated to interconnection to networks and cloud by 2020.

Silicon Valley represents one of the top four fastest-growing regions within the U.S., with a forecasted 39 percent Interconnection Bandwidth growth through 2020.

Equinix operates 13 Silicon Valley data center sites, and the addition of SV10 — located adjacent to SV1 and SV5 — provides capacity to meet the need for interconnection, multicloud deployments, and connectivity to network and content services.

The initial phase of SV10 will add 3,400+ square meters of colocation space, and provides campus cross-connectivity into SV1 and SV5. It will include space for 930 cabinets, and two additional expansion phases are planned. The facility will provide capacity for 2,820 cabinets when completing the full expansion.

“Our Great Oaks campus features one of the highest densities of network and cloud providers within our global platform of IBX data centers. The interconnection opportunities for enterprises at this campus are vast, enabling customers within the region to expand their digital transformation,” said Karl Strohmeyer, president, Americas, Equinix.

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