Equinix drives NYSE Technologies’ expansion in Hong Kong and Tokyo

Infotech Lead America: Equinix has extended its global trading network into Equinix’s International Business Exchange data centers in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

This deployment will enable current and prospective customers to avail services offered by NYSE Technologies by directly connecting to Hong Kong and Tokyo. Customers will have direct access to SFTI Access Centers inside eight Equinix data centers and a range of financial markets, market data and post-trade services.

The data center in Tokyo is Equinix’s fourth International Business Exchange (IBX) data center, costing the company $43 millionto set up. Equinix has data centers in seven key markets around the world – New York, Chicago, Singapore, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

SFTI caters to over 1300 financial market participants, serving as a single point of connectivity to multiple exchanges, market centers and content service providers globally.

SFTI Access Centers in Equinix’s data centers in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore enable customers to connect to regional and global exchanges and markets in a cost effective way through a single connection at each of their locations around the region.

Equinix reported record bookings from cloud customers in its March quarter results and continues to make acquisitions to expand into new geographies.

To expand its footprint in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, Equinix is developing a third International Business Exchange(IBX) in Singapore, scheduled to open in the second half of 2014. Equinix and du, a telecom operator in the United Arab Emirates, will invest $80 million to set up data centers in Dubai.

Earlier this year Equinix made NetApp filers available in Equinix data centers to enable customers to combine public cloud compute resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with dedicated storage from NetApp in Equinix’s data centers.

Last year the Board members of Equinix approved a proposal to restructure the company as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), to save approximately over $100 million annually in corporate taxes.  The company posted $145 million in profit last year and has over 90 data centers currently.

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