Equinix and NTT are retail colocation market leaders

20 metro areas account for 56 percent of retail colocation revenues, according to Synergy Research Group report.
Metro co-location market Q1 2019
The top five metros are Tokyo, New York, London, Washington and Shanghai accounting for 25 percent of the worldwide colocation market. The next 15 largest metro markets account for another 31 percent of the colocation market. Those top 20 metros include eight in North America, seven in the APAC region, four in EMEA and one in Latin America.

Equinix was the retail colocation market leader by revenue in 14 of the top 20 metros, with NTT being the only other operator to lead in more than one of the top metros.

Top 20 metros account for 71 percent of worldwide wholesale colocation revenue. North America accounts for eleven of the top 20 metros in wholesale colocation revenue.

Digital Realty is the leader in eight of the top 20 wholesale colocation market. Global Switch is the leader in three others in wholesale colocation markets. Other colocation operators that feature in the top 20 metros include 21Vianet, @Tokyo, China Telecom, CoreSite, CyrusOne, Interxion, KDDI, SingTel and QTS.

John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy Research Group, said: “Hyperscale operators often focus their own large data center builds away from the major metros, in areas where real estate prices and operating costs are much lower, so they too will rely on colocation providers to help target clients in key metros.”