Enterprise CIO responses to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services added more than 8,000 Indian customers in the second quarter of 2013.

Shane Owenby, managing director of Asia Pacific, Amazon Web Services, says these enterprises are tapping the AWS cloud to run a variety of IT operations more efficiently and at lower costs than with traditional, on-premises data centers.

Popular AWS workloads for customers include website hosting, big data analytics, social games, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, mission critical business applications such as SAP and Microsoft Sharepoint.  ( Amazon Web Services announces new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance )

Major clients 

Eros International Media, a motion picture production and distribution company, utilized AWS to support content conversion and storage for ErosNow.com, a web-based, streaming video service for Indian movies.

“AWS eliminated the technology constraints in processing content and allowed us to focus on developing the ErosNow service instead of building the technology infrastructure.  This has enabled us to launch the largest, full length high-definition Hindi movie streaming service in an amazingly short time of less than a year and at a global scale,” said Pawan Gupta, chief technology officer of Eros International.

MPS, a publishing services company in India, used AWS as the foundation of their cloud strategy moving forward.

MPS has migrated 67 websites from their existing hosting provider to AWS, with estimated savings of more than $150,000 per year in both capital and operating expenses.

“Using AWS services, our IT team no longer needs to be involved in the procurement, installation, testing and maintenance of hardware infrastructure.  The huge savings in time and costs have enabled us to focus more constructively in driving new revenue-generating initiatives for our company,” said Arun Goyal, senior vice president and head of IT, MPS.

Playblazer, a Mumbai-based gaming startup, is a customer of AWS.

“AWS cloud made the innovation necessary for gaming services like Playblazer possible.  We set out to solve a very expensive, iterative and time-consuming development problem for makers of social and multiplayer games. Our cloud-hosted, multi-tenant and auto-scaling platform enables game studios to rapidly build and deploy the common server-side functionality required for online gaming,” said Nikhil Soman, founder & CEO, Playblazer.

Playblazer extends the values of AWS to the game development industry by reducing the cost of infrastructure and time-to-market often from months of effort to a few hours.

Vserv.mobi,  a Mumbai-based mobile ad network for app developers, publishers, advertisers and telecom providers chose AWS.

Ashay Padwal, CTO and co-founder of Vserv.mobi, said:  “We are using almost all of the AWS Regions to expand the reach of our advertising network, enabling a start-up like us to establish a global business.  It would have been a daunting and costly task for us to build and maintain our network without AWS Cloud, especially considering the virtually limitless scale and rapid pace of innovation that AWS also provides.”

ZOVI that designs and manufactures apparel as well as accessories for men, women and children has tapped AWS.

Using AWS has helped ZOVI to eliminate an estimated $1 million in initial capital expenditures for hardware as well as save an additional $200,000 annually in operating expenses.

Moreover, the company can scale to several hundreds of thousands of visitors per day with AWS services in a matter of minutes without staff intervention, saving months of development time.

“In the e-commerce business, web-store responsiveness and high availability are as critical as apparel selection and pricing for providing an outstanding experience that keeps customers coming back,” said Satish Mani, CTO, Engineering Leadership.

AWS has assisted Living Media (India Today Group) to significantly reduce the time it takes to provision IT resources from weeks to now often within minutes, and scale seamlessly to support the unpredictable traffic of live news sites.

“Video delivery has become the differentiator for live news sites. Since moving our video workloads to AWS platform, the video traffic has grown exponentially,” says Sanjay Nagpal, head – Technology Infrastructure, India Today Group Digital.

“Using Amazon CloudFront has already provided great video viewing experience for our users. We expect that the new Amazon CloudFront edge locations in India will enable us to provide an even more superior customer experience,” Nagpal added.

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