Emerson Network Power Releases CIO Playbook to help build efficient IT infrastructure

Infotech Lead India: Datacenter provider Emerson Network Power has released Playbook designed to help CIOs learn how to cost effectively build an infrastructure that can adapt to meet their business needs.

The CIO Playbook, “Creating an IT Infrastructure that Adapts to Your Business,” explains that a deep understanding of the IT load, its criticality and available capacity can help businesses put together a plan that considers three key strategies for creating a more scalable, adaptable infrastructure.

The first strategy is to use advanced technology or software to unlock existing capacity and scale up or down. Today’s power and cooling technologies have the capability to scale up and down as needed, or to support various applications that might be ramping up when others are cycling down.


Secondly enterprises should scale up with building blocks. The introduction of self-contained, integrated and modular power and cooling systems—including everything from row-based UPS and cooling systems to large containers with complete infrastructures—makes incremental investment in infrastructure capacity possible.

Third, organizations should build new infrastructure facility or datacenter if they have reached the limits of its existing capacity; exhausted its options for unlocking more, run out of physical space to grow; and eliminated outsourcing as an option.

However, in many cases lack of resources or investment is the primary factor limiting organizational growth.

“Limitations to the physical infrastructure—power, cooling and space—will always exist, but CIOs and data center managers have greater visibility into their networks and infrastructures than ever before,” said Peter Panfil, vice president, global power, Emerson Network Power.

“With a more accurate understanding of the network’s true capacity, utilization and load criticality, CIOs can deploy technologies to more cost-effectively prepare for their future business demands,” Panfil added.

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