Emerson Network brings Trellis Process Manager for data centers

Emerson Network Power today announced Trellis Process Manager, an automated workflow manager, for data center managers.

Trellis module creates, tracks and provides views on data center workflow that enables data centers to improve the execution and efficiency of standard processes.

In addition, Trellis Process Manager allows users to see the impact of proposed changes on the data center, improving costs and efficiencies by enabling accurate planning.

IDC says nearly 50 percent of respondents identified human error as a cause of downtime in their organizations.

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Jennifer Koppy, research manager, IDC, said: “When we looked specifically at large data centers (more than 20,000 square feet), 70 percent identified human error as a cause of downtime. This data suggests that a solution that automates critical data center activities, such as the Trellis Process Manager, is very much needed in the marketplace.”

The Trellis Process Manager enforces a process, including necessary approvals for making changes to the data center infrastructure. It contains four templates for core data center processes – installing, moving, decommissioning and renaming devices – to ensure best practices are followed when making changes on the data center floor.

Emerson Network Power said the Trellis Process Manager helps managers, planners and operators to provide cost-based assessment, evaluation and recommendations to senior management to support budget allocation.

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