Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite offers to simplify data center management

Infotech Lead America: Dell unveiled its new ProSupport Enterprise Suite of services designed with support offerings and automation to improve the hardware performance and stability in the data center.

The solution leverages the insights gained through intelligent data to increase the productivity of teams. Customers find it challenging to adopt new technology that increases the complexity in data centers. To make things easier, IDC advises organizations to choose vendors with state-of-the-art offerings, deep domain expertise and the tools and automation.

Dell ProSupport Plus features dedicated Technical Account Managers that provide monthly reporting and performance recommendations to customers, based on insights from remote monitoring and data collection as well as trends and best practices identified across the Dell customer base.

Dell ProSupport Plus customers get direct access to a team of Dell support engineers with detailed expertise in all of Dell’s enterprise products as well as hypervisor and operating systems.

SupportAssist identifies potential problems and fixes them before they could have a major impact. This is achieved by remote monitoring of enterprise systems. Once a problem is identified, information is transmitted to Dell and a support case is created. Dell engineers then take care of the matter.

SupportAssist is available to ProSupport Enterprise Suite customers globally in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Dell’s ProSupport Flex for Data Center help build a support plan to complement the skills of internal resources. A dedicated Technical Account Manager, a dedicated phone and field support teams are trained to know their customer’s specific data center environment and procedures to resolve issues quickly.

Dell offers multivendor support capabilities in 43 countries.

Dell TechDirect is an online portal that can increase the efficiency and productivity of teams supporting their organization’s IT environment.The portal provides online case management and self-service options for requesting parts and labor.

TechDirect reduces phone-based troubleshooting to accelerate time to resolution. It is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese to all Dell ProSupport Plus customers.

Dell ProSupport Plus is currently available in 70 countries.

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