Dell, Emerson, HP, Intel create Redfish specification for data center

Dell, Emerson Network Power, HP and Intel have created Redfish, a specification for data center and systems management.

This will be a comprehensive specification since the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) was launched in 1998.

Redfish, which is under development, uses a modern network interface style, allowing access to data using simple, script-based programming methods. This solution will be designed to improve scalability and expand data access and analysis, help lower costs, and enable remote management while ensuring a secure solution that protects investment.

Redfish will enable access to massive amounts of information and efficiently translate the data into actionable insights for system monitoring and management.

This effort leveraged the experience of this team in IT systems hardware, microprocessors and data center infrastructure management technologies.

The specification will be submitted to the Distributed Management Task Force for consideration by the recently created Scalable Platform Management Forum, which has been chartered to publish a standard in this space.

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