Dell deploys data replication solution SharePlex for CAMS

Enterprise IT vendor Dell has deployed SharePlex, a data replication solution, for CAMS (Computer Age Management Services), the IT-enabled services partner of 17 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in India.

Recently, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company (IPMAC) has deployed Dell SharePlex for data replication.

Besides maintaining data integrity and accuracy, Dell’s SharePlex Solution ensures near real-time data integration.

“By adopting SharePlex, CAMS and the AMCs we serve, were able to optimize the usage of business intelligence and data analytics applications, enable AMCs to in turn power their satellite applications with real time data with a high level of data integrity, further enabling us in taking informed critical and tactical business decisions, speedily,” said N Ramakrishnan, senior vice president – Technology, CAMS.

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The affordable SharePlex Solution enables CAMS along with 7 AMCs to replicate their data from CAMS data centre to the data centre of the respective AMCs. Through this replication, AMCs enhance their customer service, ensure business continuity, and smoothly run vital data analytics/ internal business intelligence applications.

Leveraging Dell’s SharePlex Solution, CAMS created an online, automated, easy-to-use, and near real-time way of data replication from CAMS data centre to data centre of the 7 AMCs.

In addition, this deployment further helped CAMS to deliver error free electronic copy of the data to AMCs, enabling them to power their satellite applications for customer service and run data analytics / business intelligence tools.

“With Dell’s SharePlex solution, CAMS has round-the-clock access to a real-time copy of secure data, with no downtimes. Dell is focused on business outcomes and our ability to constantly engage, understand and respond to customer needs gives us a huge competitive advantage in the market,” said Murli Mohan, general manager, Dell Software.

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