Dell announces new strategies to deliver technologies from data center to end device

Infotech Lead Asia: Dell is now offering transformative technology solutions from new data center offerings to laptops and services to localized software solutions to help entrepreneurs, enterprises and public institutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the world transform their business and re-stimulate local economies.

Announced at the Dell Solutions Summit, the solution brings customers, partners and thought leaders from the Asia-Pacific region together to discuss technology solutions that can set the foundation for growth, productivity and positive change.

Asia Pacific is a target market for Dell. The company is eager to share and learn from the region’s organizations.  The company wants to continue to grow the regional investments and deepen its customer relationships with technology solutions that make a positive difference in how people live, organizations operate and the world works.

Nearly 50 percent of entries in the Dell Social Innovation Challenge earlier this summer were received from the Asia-Pacific region and the winning team was from India. Also, in June, Dell celebrated an important manufacturing milestone with the opening of the Chengdu Operations Site, the first Dell operations site to fully deploy Dell’s new IT solutions.

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“At Dell, we are fully committed to the Asia-Pacific region,” said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO. “We continue to grow our regional investments and deepen our customer relationships with technology solutions that make a positive difference in how people live, organizations operate and the world works.”

Dell also delivered new options to improve data center efficiency with the introduction of an open hyperscale rack solution for China. It takes a holistic approach to data center architecture to deliver an advantage to businesses in the rapidly-evolving cloud computing marketplace.

The Dell open hyperscale rack solution is designed to support the next generation of data centers in China with capacities up to 15 kW per rack. It comes with expanded configurability for customer-specific workloads with a highly-modular compute and storage architecture featuring shared power, cooling and rack-level management.

Dell will contribute key elements of the design to the Open Compute Project with the goal of fostering additional openness, standardization and innovation around rack platforms. In addition, Dell Networking expanded its S-series portfolio with the new S6000, the industry’s highest-density 1RU 10/40GbE switching platform1 for highly-virtualized data centers.

Also, built-in advanced virtualization and automation features help customers scale larger virtual deployments in a smaller physical footprint, and help solve the challenge of bridging virtualized and non-virtualized aspects of the infrastructure.

Deployed as 32 40GbE ports or 96 10GbE ports plus 8 40GbE ports in 1RU, the S6000 can support new, more flexible network architectures for high-density compute racks in top-of-rack position, or provide network connectivity for multiple racks in efficient end-of-row or middle-of-row configurations.

The solution provides up to 2.56Tbps performance, twice that of similar competitive products in a standard 1RU form factor3 allowing customers to aggressively invest in 10GbE for in-rack server and storage connectivity.

The S6000 supports advanced network virtualization and software-defined networking features including hardware-accelerated layer 2 gateway functionality for use with VMware NSX, bridging traffic between virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

In addition, upcoming enhancements to Dell Active Fabric Manager allow visibility into the virtual network of VMware’s vSphere Distributed Switch environments. Both make SDN come alive and help network and server/virtualization administrators collaborate on next-generation infrastructure.

S6000 is Fresh Air capable and validated as part of Dell’s Fresh Air cooling solution for servers, storage and networking. With this customers are able to run data centers even warmer, helping reduce additional maintenance and infrastructure costs, while enabling lower overall energy consumption.

Dell also launched the PowerEdge T20 Server, an ideal first server for small offices and home offices. The T20 packs large internal storage capacity and performance in a compact, quiet, mini-tower server chassis for efficient, worry-free operation.

Dell also announced the latest additions to its Latitude family of business computing solutions – the Dell Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks. The Dell Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks brings security, manageability and reliability to businesses, helping companies across the Asia-Pacific region and the world do business better.

Powered by Intel ultra-low voltage processors, these thin, light Ultrabooks redefine the corporate laptop. The Dell Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks are made to move, with the 12-inch model starting at 20mm thin and 1.3 kg (2.99 lbs).

The Ultrabooks feature the best-in-class endpoint security solutions that include comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and leading-edge malware protection from a single source and the highest level of FIPS 140-2 (level 3) certification for system disk encryption.

Designed for reliability, passing rigorous third-party durability testing and crafted with premium materials such as aluminum, a Tri-metal chassis and Corning Gorilla Glass NBT for scratch and damage resistance and optimal brightness. It is the only corporate Ultrabook designed to be backwards compatible with existing (E-family) Latitude docks.

Complementing the Dell Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks are the new Latitude 5000 and 3000 Series laptops, designed to help businesses of all sizes adopt secure, manageable and reliable notebooks.

Offering the same level of attention to security, manageability, reliability and quality material design, these laptops expand the computing options for education, healthcare and manufacturing customers worldwide.

Dell Services has revealed the results of an industry survey that show nearly 40 percent of CXOs in China plan to grow their eCommerce business, and another 39 percent see it as a trend for their retail, manufacturing and finance industries in the next five years6.

Building off of our global presence and growing Asia-Pacific portfolio – including more than 20 products available today in the region – Dell Software is further enhancing its portfolio for the area.

To help organizations across the Asia-Pacific market accelerate business results and gain a competitive advantage, Dell Software is leading a large-scale initiative to expand its efforts to localize several key systems management, security, and information management solutions over the next year.

Initially targeting China, Korea and Japan, the new localization effort includes the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9000 Series, Network Security Appliance Series (NSA) and TZ Series next-generation firewalls, AppAssure backup and recovery solution, and Toad for Oracle database development and administration solution.

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