CyrusOne Unveils Intelliscale: A Breakthrough AI-Optimized Data Center Solution

CyrusOne, renowned for its swift and cost-effective digital infrastructure solutions, has revealed its latest innovation – Intelliscale. This cutting-edge AI workload-specific data center solution is poised to revolutionize the rapidly growing landscape of AI applications and services.
CyrusOne Austin III data centerBuilt as an enhancement to its build-to-suit offerings, CyrusOne  collaborated with several leading technology firms to develop Intelliscale. The foundation of Intelliscale data centers is rooted in ultra-high-density architecture, prioritizing space optimization. This positions it as the go-to solution for businesses seeking to efficiently scale their AI infrastructure. Depending on the specific requirements of the application, Intelliscale data centers can occupy as little as 25 percent of the space occupied by traditional data centers.

John Hatem, COO at CyrusOne, acknowledged the intensifying demand within the industry: “The burgeoning AI workloads are set to further amplify the already unprecedented demand our sector faces. In light of this, long-term planning for AI growth is not just prudent but necessary. Intelliscale equips organizations to secure their AI future today. With this global solution, our aim is to establish an AI environment that’s not only efficient and flexible but also enables customers to enter the market faster and more cost-effectively.”

Intelliscale’s design ensures minimal land usage while providing a range of redundancy configurations tailored to individual needs. The modular approach to data center development enables CyrusOne’s customers to leverage advanced cooling technologies such as liquid-to-chip cooling, rear door heat exchanger cooling systems, and immersion cooling. This efficient cooling capability, scaling up to 300kW per rack, ensures peak performance even under the most demanding AI workloads.

One of Intelliscale’s remarkable features is its ability to create super high-density environments within compact spaces, optimizing efficiencies. The adaptability of the solution extends to retrofitting existing facilities to accommodate dense AI deployments. In addition to space savings, users can realize significant converged infrastructure benefits depending on their specific applications. Moreover, Intelliscale underscores environmental sustainability by reducing concrete and steel consumption.

Eric Schwartz, CEO of CyrusOne, emphasized the company’s steadfast commitment to innovation: “Our continuous endeavor is to deliver next-generation solutions that cater to our customers’ evolving needs. Intelliscale epitomizes our response to these challenges. We’re elated to introduce the data center industry to an AI solution that is truly groundbreaking.”

As industries navigate the AI revolution, CyrusOne’s Intelliscale stands at the forefront, presenting a game-changing solution that seamlessly aligns with the dynamic demands of AI applications and services.

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