CyrusOne attracts oil & gas cos. for its Texas IX platform

Infotech Lead America: Data center provider CyrusOne has launched an Internet Exchange (IX) platform to support the seismic processing and data management need of oil and gas companies.

The Seismic IX in Texas provides flexibility, reliability and choices for real-time data transfer and accessibility of exploration and operational software to oil and gas industry customers.

Josh Snowhorn, vice president and general manager for Interconnection at CyrusOne, said: “The Seismic IX platform is a highly cost-effective means for oil and gas customers to move and manipulate immense data sets between CyrusOne data centers, their own enterprise data centers, and third-party facilities within a metro area or city-to-city.”

The CyrusOne Seismic IX offers low-cost data transfer between CyrusOne data center facilities across the Houston area and enables customers to access connections with any provider or partner at any connected facility.

CyrusOne has already attracted several oil and gas customers to CyrusOne Texas Internet Exchange (IX) that was launched earlier this year. The center was launched as the first statewide IX platform in the United States, connecting all major sites in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.


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