CtrlS Datacenters India selects AIS to provide hybrid cloud

Sridhar Reddy

Infotech Lead India: CtrlS Datacenters of India has selected AIS (American Internet Services), a provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud and connectivity services.

As a technology partner for their expansion into the United States, AIS will be providing a hybrid cloud that fulfills CtrlS’s redundancy and procedural requirements.

CtrlS is the first AIS client headquartered in India.

“We were seeking a reliable partner in the United States who had the infrastructure, the procedures, the know-how and a willingness to work with us to create a solution that’s truly tailored to our needs,” said Sridhar Reddy, chief executive officer at CtrlS Datacenters.

“The team at AIS mapped out a hybrid cloud infrastructure that made sense and could be implemented in a way that eases the burden of support on our end. In effect, we feel AIS is an extension of our business,” Reddy added.

CtrlS is on the leading edge of the datacenter boom in India.

As CtrlS’ business has taken off, their clients have expressed a desire for more global support.

“We look forward to partnering with CtrlS to provide a hybrid cloud infrastructure tailored to their needs and supplemented with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing our team at AIS has all the bases covered for them here in the United States,” said Tim Caulfield, chief executive officer at AIS.

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