Cloudflare powered websites show 30% more speed for free

Cloudflare announced it implemented server support for Early Hints, a new Internet standard that can speed up websites on its network by 30 percent or more for free.
cloudflare-presenceCloudflare will save Internet users time and create faster, more seamless experiences for businesses and their users — by working with prominent browsers.

Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, said: “We’re working with leading browsers like Google Chrome to speed up millions of your favorite websites and applications, completely for free.”

Cloudflare will provide hints to browsers to let them know to start loading critical webpage elements before the server even completes the processing time to load the page. This reduces the time between someone typing in a website URL and that website completing loading. Cloudflare is able to do this, without requiring any additional action from the server, due to a combination of the scale and speed of its global network and its use of machine learning.

Shopify’s data shows that when a store improves the speed of the first page in the buyer journey by 10 percent, there is a 7 percent increase in conversion.

Colin Bendell, Director Performance Engineering at Shopify, said: “We see great promise with Early Hints as another tool to help improve the performance and experience for all merchants and customers.”

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