Cisco unveils new security solutions for virtualized and cloud-based data centers

Mahesh Gupta, vice president for Borderless Networks, Cisco India and SAARC

Infotech Lead India: Cisco has launched a set of security solutions designed to protect data centers from the evolving threats they face while moving to virtualized platforms.

Cisco has announced a major update to the Cisco ASA 9.0 Platform delivering data-center-caliber performance, scaling to 320 Gbps of firewall and 60 Gbps IPS throughput, and 1 million connections per second and 50 million concurrent connections, delivering eight times the performance density of competing solutions.

The Cisco ASA 1000V is optimized for virtual/cloud environments, offering the current physical ASA in a VM to provide superior flexibility and more efficient use of resources. ASA firewall is built specifically for multitenant virtual and cloud environments.

Cisco also introduced new Cisco IPS 4500 Series new intrusion prevention system (IPS) built for data centers, delivering 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) per rack unit, for ultra-efficient application protection in the data center.

The latest version of Cisco Security Manager — Version 4.3 provides scalable, centralized management from which administrators can efficiently manage a wide range of Cisco security devices, gain visibility across the network deployment, and share information with other essential network services like compliance systems and advanced security analysis systems.

Cisco AnyConnect 3.1 enables highly secure remote access to network resources, offering differentiated device access to help enable BYOD deployments, IPv6 capability and latest Next Generation Encryption, including NSA’s Suite B Cryptography.

“As organizations are steadily tapping opportunities offered by the advancement in data centers, security has emerged as a key component to ensure network differentiation and maintain business continuity,” said Mahesh Gupta, vice president for Borderless Networks, Cisco India and SAARC.

“As the leader in the enterprise network security market, we are excited to offer these innovative and integrated end-to-end security solutions based on our Borderless Network architecture. We are receiving encouraging response from the BFSI, ITeS, as well as other Enterprise customers as they continue to leverage technology to drive flexibility, productivity and thereby steering a change in business requirements,” Gupta said.

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