Catalyst Repository Systems opens data center in U.S

Infotech Lead America: Catalyst Repository Systems has opened its data center in the U.S.

The new data center will enable Catalyst to power its e-discovery platform called Insight that will be launched next week.

This is Catalyst’s third U.S.-based data center. A fourth data center is located in Tokyo.

The new data center is expected to enhance Catalyst’s data-handling capabilities by more than 25 percent.

Catalyst claims that the new center can host cases as large as 50 million documents, can meet the demands of cases involving thousands of concurrent users, and can handle hundreds of megabits of incoming data at any one time.

The new data center also increases Catalyst’s network capacity by a factor of 10, increasing both the quantity and speed of data transmissions.

For Catalyst’s clients, that translates to faster searches, an even more responsive application, speedier processing, and immediate access to stored data.

“With the opening of our new data center, we now have the pipeline in place to power the largest and most complex litigation and regulatory matters in the world. Corporations and counsel that use Insight as their e-discovery platform will see the benefit in unprecedented levels of speed, responsiveness and reliability,” said John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO.

The data center uses highly virtualized, rack-mounted blade servers specifically matched to MarkLogic’s requirements.

Catalyst also engineered a proprietary API to communicate between Insight and MarkLogic. By enabling the software to operate more efficiently, the API maximizes search speeds and response times.

Other of the features of the facility include energy-efficient N+1 uninterruptable power systems, N+1 redundant generator systems, N+1 cooling, energy-efficient ultrasonic humidification, and the ability to handle high-density power requirements.

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