Canadian Web Hosting offers advanced server plans

Canadian Web Hosting Managed WP

Canadian Web Hosting, a provider of web hosting, cloud hosting and infrastructure services in Canada,released their upgraded Virtual Private Server plans.

This offering is designed to give customers more resources for less cost and an improved artificial intelligence (AI) engine that helps customers get more insights into their usage and improved notifications.

The company said these upgraded plans include fast SSD storage giving customers more than a 2.5 times performance boost and when combined with Intel’s latest generation of server processors customers can expect more for less.

With these new VPS plans, Canadian Web Hosting’s aims  to lower the cost of entry to the cloud and to integrate the latest technologies to improve customer insights into each and every resource purchased.

The company   recently announced its new Cloudash Customer Intelligence Platform that delivers an entirely new way to interact with web hosting infrastructure and cloud hosting services by incorporating a microservices architecture and removing the Rest API layer through the use of GraphQL.

This platform utilizes Canadian Web Hosting’s upgraded Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as well as Shared Hosting, Containers, Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage.

The company has data centers in Toronto, Vancouver and Dallas, which offers geographical flexibility to meet web hosting requirements.

It offers services like website hosting, application hosting, Docker and Kubernetes container hosting, application development and database hosting.