C7 starts construction of Phase 2 Granite Point II data center

C7 Data Centers (C7) has announced the construction of Phase 2 of Granite Point II, its flagship data center and office complex in Bluffdale, Utah.

C7 opened the first phase of 35,000 feet of data center space in December 2013 and the construction of additional 30,000 square feet in Phase 2 will be completed in October 2015. After construction of Phase 2, it will complete Granite Point II’s 95,000 feet of space.

C7 has also expanded the power capacity to the Granite Point Campus to 11+ Megawatts, to further leverage the 250,000 square foot campus.

C7 data center

In comparison with industry’s average power capacity of 50 percent to 60 percent, C7 can deliver 75 percent to 80 percent of its power capacity to the servers and critical load.

The company said C7 offers colocation solution with various options for expandable space, security, cooling, power and bandwidth for their data infrastructures to its local, national and international clients.

C7 uses Just-in Time build outs and initially plumbed Granite Point II for maximum usage and offers efficient scaling for low cost colocation.

Also, Granite Point II uses ambient air cooling, innovative cold air containment, and actuated cooling to variable server heat loads, the company claims.

“Granite Point II is an extreme departure in data center design from the typical industry standard in its aesthetic, “just in time” effectiveness, and efficiency in provisioning and cooling,” said CEO Wes Swenson.

Last year in May, C7 announced it accepts the digital currency bitcoin, a peer to peer payment system and cryptocurrency, through multiple online services.

Shilpa Khatri

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