Box taps Platform Equinix as part of enterprise-grade infrastructure

Infotech Lead America: Box, a provider of content-sharing platform for more than 14 million individuals and 140,000 businesses, has tapped Platform Equinix as part of its enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Platform Equinix, according to research firm Neustar, delivers up to 10 times faster upload speeds than competitive solutions.

“The world’s top carriers, networks and ISPs are accessible through Equinix IBX data centers throughout the globe. This allows Box to choose the locations and networks they require to achieve these superior performance results and deliver to their customers a better experience,” said Chris Sharp, general manager, cloud and content for Equinix.

Equinix worked with Box to develop a strategy for distributing its growing global network, enabling Box to achieve a 60 percent increase in performance, make its service easier to access for its growing global customer base.

Box initially moved its infrastructure into an Equinix Silicon Valley facility and recently added infrastructure in Equinix data centers around the globe including Chicago, Ashburn, Va., Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Platform Equinix has enabled Box to accelerate its growth by safeguarding its infrastructure, improving performance and providing direct connections to its digital supply chain.

“With Equinix, we know we’ll get consistently high performance and reliability across our data centers. Other colocation sites give you four walls. Equinix is a partner that cares about our business and helps us connect with a global marketplace of partners and customers,” said Stefan Apitz, vice president of Operations, Box.

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