BLACKIRON Data deploys Emerson’s room-based data center cooling

Infotech Lead America: BLACKIRON Data, a subsidiary of PTGi, has deployed room-based data center cooling system — Emerson Network Power’s Liebert DSE.

BLACKIRON Data has deployed the technology at their new Toronto DC3 site, Canada’s first Tier III design and construction-certified data center facility.

Ron Ethier, vice president, Data Centres and Operations, BLACKIRON Data, says the Liebert DSE leverages Toronto’s cool temperatures for optimum efficiency and energy use without sacrificing performance or disrupting our availability guarantee for customers.

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BLACKIRON Data’s Toronto DC3 facility uses multiple 40-ton Liebert DSE cooling systems to regulate cooling in the 50,000-square-foot data centre, with power density at 15kW per rack.

Each system features variable speed fans, staged evaporator coils, tandem Copeland Scroll Digital compressors and innovative pumped refrigerant economizers to ensure highly efficient and effective cooling, no matter the season.

The installation of this system has allowed BLACKIRON to save up to 100 million litres of water waste a year, as traditionally associated with operating a data center of similar size.

Liebert Econophase, a pumped refrigerant economizer, leverages cold outside air to cool the refrigerant used in the Liebert DSE system, reducing or eliminating compressor operation.

With Toronto’s cool temperatures, this translates into free cooling more than 75 percent of the year, allowing BLACKIRON to significantly lower power usage and energy expenses. During the summer, the Liebert DSE utilizes the most efficient variable capacity compressors for operation.

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