BigRock launches online backup service CodeGuard in India

Website hosting vendor BigRock has launched its online backup service CodeGuard in India.

WebRock has priced CodeGuard packages at Rs 39 per month.

CodeGuard enable website backup in minutes while monitoring any changes made to the website in order to prevent websites from being compromised.

BigRock said CodeGuard monitors, alerts and notifies the website owner about the changes required or made.

BigRock India plans

“CodeGuard backup service makes sure that all data is backed up on a regular basis and users are alerted anytime an unauthorized change occurs on the site. All the data that a user backs up is stored on the cloud, ensuring that data can be retrieved from any device, and is never lost,” said Shashank Mehrotra, business head at BigRock.

CodeGuard uses connections like SFTP / SSH / SSL and an independent agency conducts the vulnerability testing for more accurate results. BigRock stores the backups of website data on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System (S3. S3). AWS boasts durability levels of 99 percent by distributing storage of data across multiple locations and facilities.

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