Apple plans upgradation of data center

Apple is planning to assemble high-speed network and will also upgrade its data center. Apple can compete with Amazon, Google and Microsoft in cloud services.

According to the company, Apple can deliver content from iCloud, iTunes and Siri faster than before.

This apart, Apple is also planning to introduce a streaming-music service and TV services for which efficient content delivery is required if Apple seeks to create a great user experience that is free from glitches.

Apple did not disclose total cost but it is estimated that investment will run into the billions.

Apple HQ

Apple’s efforts will focus on long-haul pipes connecting data centers in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon to get content closer to Internet hubs in densely populated areas.

In addition, Apple is working on ways to send the data through fibers lines at hundreds of gigabits per second.

Earlier, Apple said it would spend $3.9 on new data centers in Arizona, Ireland and Denmark.

Also, Apple got just 9.9 percent of its sales from iTunes and other services in its latest fiscal year and facebook saved $2 billion using software-defined data-center approach.

The company will also meld its data centers and networks into one highly automated system.

Shilpa Khatri

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