Amazon launches AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps and Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (Amazon WAM) for enterprises and Amazon Machine Learning for developers to  use historical data to build and deploy predictive models.

Amazon Marketplace for Desktop Apps makes it easy to search and buy desktop applications for Amazon WorkSpaces.

Amazon WorkSpaces’s virtual desktop customers can access the AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps and choose from a broad selection of more than 100 applications in eleven categories, and pay by the month for the applications they use.

Amazon WAM packages and delivers applications to Amazon WorkSpaces which are centrally controlled by IT administrators for maintenance and auditability.

With AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps customers can find and purchase monthly subscriptions to popular desktop applications and have to pay only for the software they use.

Amazon web services

Customers will receive all software charges in their monthly AWS bill and there are no additional contracts or invoices.

Amazon Web Services has also launched Amazon Machine Learning.

Amazon Machine Learning enables developers to use historical data to build and deploy predictive models.

These models can be used for detecting problematic transactions, preventing customer churn, and improving customer support.

Amazon Machine Learning is integrated with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Redshift and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) which makes it easy for customers to work with the data they’ve already stored in the AWS Cloud.

Amazon said, with Amazon Machine Learning developers can use the AWS Management Console or APIs to quickly create as many models as they need.

Machine learning technology powers predictive applications across Amazon to all developers and no machine learning experience is required.

There is no set up cost for Amazon Machine Learning.

Last month, Amazon announced two new unlimited storage plans for its cloud based storage service, Amazon Cloud Drive.

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