17LIVE Collaborates with CDNetworks to Elevate Premier Live Streaming Platform

CDNetworks, a pioneering network provider delivering edge services across the Asia-Pacific region, celebrates its integral role in the remarkable journey of 17LIVE, Asia’s prominent live streaming platform.
The partnership, initiated in 2016, has played a pivotal role in propelling 17LIVE to its current status as a leading live streaming platform in Japan, with expansion plans encompassing the broader Asian landscape.

With a diverse array of content spanning interactive gaming, music, and art sharing, 17LIVE has rapidly established itself as a significant player within the live streaming domain since its inception in 2015. Setting itself apart through a unique blend of low latency, exceptional stability, and superior audiovisual presentation, 17LIVE offers users an immersive interactive experience that differentiates it from its competitors. This remarkable user experience is closely intertwined with the robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) capabilities and Media Delivery technologies furnished by CDNetworks.

Sporting an extensive network of over 2,800 points-of-presence spanning 70 countries, CDNetworks is a crucial ally for 17LIVE, providing essential CDN and streaming media distribution services to execute its vision. Of noteworthy mention, CDNetworks is recognized as the preeminent CDN provider in Asia, empowering 17LIVE’s live streaming platform to provide exceptional service and attain a competitive edge from the outset.

In regions like China, where distinct internet policies pose challenges, CDNetworks has surmounted cross-border latency issues and unstable connections through its China Premium Service. This innovative service facilitates seamless cross-country interactions for live streaming viewers and key opinion leaders (KOLs), surmounting limitations that can otherwise hinder engagement.

CDNetworks uniquely offers latencies as low as 3 seconds for live streaming platforms by supporting FLV large volume distribution. This protocol not only boasts lower latency compared to other options but also circumvents the high costs associated with ultra-low latency technologies primarily designed for live event broadcasting. This aligns seamlessly with 17LIVE’s continuous, round-the-clock live streaming business model.

As the number of users on 17LIVE continues to grow, the platform’s low latency approach has proven pivotal in unlocking its interactive features. 17LIVE has innovatively developed multiple apps including video streaming, voice streaming, and e-commerce streaming, all built around the advantages of low latency features.

The collaboration extends beyond latency, with 17LIVE harnessing a range of streaming media processing technologies provided by CDNetworks, including screenshotting, recording, and storage. These enhancements boost user engagement by offering users content replays and dynamic cover images, further fostering interactive communication.

Additionally, CDNetworks provides transcoding capabilities to ensure seamless live streaming content adaptation across various network environments and device terminals, ensuring a cohesive and interactive experience for users.

CDNetworks has also streamlined operational aspects for 17LIVE, employing streaming technologies for efficient moderation and storage mechanisms. These mechanisms, fortified by AI-monitoring and machine-learning technologies, minimize the need for extensive manpower to oversee platform activities, promoting a secure and user-friendly environment.

Reflecting on this collaboration, Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product at CDNetworks, stated, “17LIVE’s ongoing success serves as a testament to CDNetworks’ cutting-edge media delivery solutions in the industry.”

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