Mid-market Indian software firms gain with SaaS

Mid-market companies in India are leveraging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to gain competitive advantage and meet the requirements of their customers, says a report compiled by  Microsoft Ventures and iSPIRT Foundation.

The report highlights how the three pillars of their SaaS-based business strategy are setting them apart from those targeting larger enterprises, including overseas competitors.

The three key pillars outlined in the report are the following:

Digital immersion – this is used to quickly identify customer problems and develop use-cases.  It enables the rapid development of Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

Desk selling and marketing – this level of sales engagement brings down the cost of customer acquisition.  It also provides companies with an increased base of potential customers in a shorter period of time.

Cloud-based customer engagement – using digital trails on the Cloud to capture customer behavior and interactions with the product in real-time helps these companies quickly adapt to changing customer needs and sharpen the product development roadmap.

Announcing the report, Ravi Narayan, director, Microsoft Ventures in India, said, “This report is a refreshing perspective on the startup ecosystem, and showcases how Indian software developers are adapting to the unique requirements of the local market to deliver value to their customers.”

According to Narayan, the report highlights the unique product development cycle being adopted by these companies and also provides some guidance on how these companies should be evaluated.”

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