Firstsource Solutions MD shares outlook for 2013

Infotech Lead Asia: Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO and MD, Firstsource Solutions, has shared the outlook for 2013.

2012 was a positive year for the industry but not without its set of challenges. NASSCOM, the trade body, had indicated the BPO industry growth between 11-14 percent. Based on the revised guidance of meeting the 11 percent guidance, NASSCOM has projected export revenues of $75-77 billion (4.1-4.2 trillion) in the year to March 31. Including the domestic business, the industry is worth about $100 billion.

Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO and MD, Firstsource Solutions

With Firstsource’ right-shoring business model, verticals such as healthcare and telecoms and media continue to show positive momentum while banking and financial services continue to see slow growth. From an India perspective, customer management business will lean towards email, chat and social media interactions while voice based work, will move closer to the customers geography (onshore).

Philippines is another destination for voice based work that is gaining prominence. India, however, continues to grow and is proving to be a great destination in providing analytics and transaction processing business models to global clients. As the industry matures, we see continuous process efficiency and value additions to customers in reducing cost to serve and improving customer service, as key drivers in most outsourcing relationships.

We expect the trend to continue into FY13 with growth rates of 10-12 percent. Key challenges continue to be around supply chain constraints and inflation of input costs while the pricing environment remains benign.

Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO and MD, Firstsource Solutions
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