Drishti-Soft powers Hello Information Services Goa

BPO provider Hello Information Services, which runs a commercial helpline in Goa, India, has selected Drishti-Soft’s business solution Ameyo for their outbound processes.

“When we first used our previous solution, the idea was to have a cost effective solution that could maximize our profit margins. That solution was the cheapest in the market and in the beginning it helped us with our telemarketing process. However, as we went forward we experienced a lot of glitches and lost customers due to the unstable technology,” said Jerry Mathew, CEO, Hello Information Services.

“We realized that we were incurring more expenses in the lost customers, trying to get them back on board and resolving the small issues that popped up daily. We heard about the Ameyo Solution and decided to switch to the technology after getting convinced of its long-term benefits. We had a seamless operation and didn’t lose any customers. In the long run, it turned out to be more cost-efficient than our previous solution and our good profit-margin spread allowed us to expand and double our capacity in a short span of time,” Mathew added.

Hello Information Services revolves around customer service and Ameyo proved to be the best solution to fulfil their requisite, in terms of meeting client expectations of the quality service delivered. With the help of Ameyo, who provides several algorithms, customer reach was improved. With Multiple Dialing Modes and AMD, agents are now able to reach the target market in a better way as they are able to make more number of calls in lesser time.

Additionally, the solution is pre-loaded with voice logger, dialer, CRM and CTI for quality monitoring and tracking of the agent’s performances which allowed them to maintain the high level of SLAs. This in turn increased productivity and helped in managing better profit margins along with enhanced customer service by providing quality service.

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