Dell Quest Software powers Thomas Cook to achieve 30% increase in bookings

Infotech Lead America: Thomas Cook IT Operations has optimized the performance of the online travel agency (OTA) and has slashed MTTR (Mean-Time-To-Resolution) by up to 97 percent, resulting in an estimated 30 percent increase in bookings.

Thomas Cook utilized Dell Quest Software’s Foglight proactive monitoring capability for achieving new milestones.

Steve Rosenberg, general manager, Performance Monitoring, Dell Quest Software, said increased conversion rates and transactional value of online purchases spell increased revenue for the enterprise, no matter what the industry.”

In addition, Thomas Cook’s choice of Foglight to provide holistic, proactive performance monitoring of its IT infrastructure ensures that website performance issues will be detected and resolved before they can affect customers.

With an average of approximately 1 million hits per day, and approximately 3 million during the peak period, the OTA’s UK website frustrated customers with lengthy page load times and other performance-related issues.

The company’s existing monitoring system was unable to help identify and resolve performance issues, and provided limited visibility into the user’s actual experience, making it difficult to gauge the impact of problems and understand why users abandoned the site.

Andy Dean, service delivery manager, UK and France, Thomas Cook, says Foglight provides immediate alerts that enable us to fix problems before they affect the customers. The time to find and resolve a problem has dropped by up to 97 percent, from 48 hours to between one and two hours.

MAIN GAINS AFTER USING Dell Quest Software’s Foglight proactive monitoring capability

Improved website performance translates to increased revenue for the OTA, which now can take up to 180 bookings per hour, equating to a total of $426,000 based on the average selling price of a booking.

Reduce problem resolution time by up to 97 percent, from 48 hours to 1-2 hours.

Significantly decrease the number of customer services calls from online customers.

Thomas Cook’s online customers previously accounted for approximately 35 percent of customer service calls, but improved website performance with Foglight has reduced that number to approximately 15 percent.

Enable the recapturing of an estimated $190,000 of lost business in three months.

The Abandoned Bookers Program generated approximately $190,000 in its first three months.

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