AETS benefits from Whaleback’s Cloud-based unified communications services

Infotech Lead America: American & European Tanning Supply (AETS) has increased profitability and growth using Whaleback’s CrystalBlue Cloud-based Managed Unified Communications Services.

Whaleback Managed Services, a provider of managed unified communications services, said AETS started using Whaleback after multiple frustrations with its previous phone service.

When AETS moved his warehouse, phone service broke down and neither of the large landline providers would take responsibility. When AETS also moved offices, the provider could not allow AETS to keep its same phone numbers. Additionally, there was constant uncertainty of phone bill costs.

“Choosing Whaleback has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made in 16 years. I have certainly saved money — if I were using land line services now it would be double the cost. And with the same monthly fee, I now know what my monthly business communications expense will be and can control my bottom line profitability,” said Mark Marshall, AETS Owner and President.

AETS said for some months the phone bill would be extremely high and we could never completely understand why. The phone was a big expense for the company.

It used to be so cost prohibitive for AETS to hire the best people for the company because they often would have to be relocated at tremendous cost to us. Though sales representatives are in different states, conference calls sound like they are down the hall from each other.

“Whaleback’s intelligent, easy-to-use cloud-based UC service allows AETS to focus on what they do best rather than worrying about their phones. We enhance the way our customers communicate, while ensuring smooth operations with our proactive, 24/7 monitoring and technical support,” said said Karil Reibold, CEO of Whaleback Managed Services.

Whaleback Managed Services claims that CrystalBlue Cloud-based Managed Unified Communications Services gives customers a feature-rich, high quality, enterprise-wide communications system without the expense or headache of installing and managing an on-premise PBX. Its features can be accessed anywhere, anytime from the Internet, mobile network or public telecommunications network.

Moreover, CrystalBlue integrates business-class telephony features, high-definition voice, network services, IP desk phones, messaging, collaboration, mobility, service guarantees, and redundancy with the simplicity of a cloud-based service and the quality and reliability of a robust enterprise system.

Benefits include:

Use and pay for only what you need, when you need it

Access to highly trained support professionals

Guaranteed full end-to-end support

Centralized proactive monitoring and management

Remote problem identification and resolution

Business continuity planning and coordination

Future-proof to easily add new applications and services

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