Zitouna Bank upgrades Core Banking Systems with IBM Cloud

Tunisia-based Zitouna Bank has chosen IBM Cloud to transform its core banking platform and develop new services for customers.

With IBM as cloud partner, the bank would be providing services such as reduced waiting time for customers, besides extending services to the unbanked and under-banked citizen, Zitouna Bank said in a statement.

The new cloud infrastructure is based on IBM Power Systems and other servers, IBM PowerVM virtualization software, IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems, and IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack cloud management software. IBM Global Technology Services is providing implementation, maintenance and disaster recovery services, as well as training for the bank’s staff.

Lasaad Jaziri, CIO, Zitouna Bank, said, “IBM’s cloud capabilities will help us roll out a wider range of services and products, such as new mobile and Internet banking services, while also improving efficiency of internal banking processes and reducing our operational footprint.”

The implementation allows the bank to improve application availability and reduce end-of-day batch processing time for daily transactions by more than 85 percent, from over 13 hours to 70 minutes. Its operational efficiency will allow the bank to focus more on introducing innovative banking products for their customers and less on managing daily business operations, the Bank said.

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