Williams moves finance and operations to Oracle cloud

Williams Companies, which handles nearly 30 percent of the natural gas in the United States, has moved finance and operations to Oracle Cloud.
Oracle Cloud for CIOs Williams Companies will gain from the deployment of the Oracle Cloud solutions as Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers real-time insights and control over costs, in addition to reducing its own energy consumption with SaaS.

Williams Companies selected Oracle Cloud ERP for its ability to automate and manage key financial data on a single, highly secure and scalable cloud platform as well as joint venture management capability to distribute costs and revenue efficiently and accurately among partners.

“We eliminated thirteen different applications that had been bolted on, improving data governance and visibility into financial metrics,” said Cherie Humphries, chief procurement & digital transformation officer at Williams. “With Oracle Cloud ERP, we have a complete suite of enterprise applications that all run on a common data platform, automates time consuming processes.”

Brian Letzkus, CIO of Williams, said: “The growth of buying and bolting on new solutions created a crowded IT organization with fluctuating costs. With Oracle Cloud ERP, our costs have gone down, we get new updates every quarter, and we’ve seen improvements to our operational margin – it’s been a big game changer.”

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