Webtrends reports 15% growth in SaaS business

Webtrends, a provider of digital intelligence solutions, reported strong momentum for its digital marketing business in the first half of fiscal year ’12.

Webtrends continued to significantly grow its mobile, social, optimize and overall SaaS solutions over the same timeframe last year. The company reported 15 percent growth in overall SaaS business, 25 percent growth in optimize business, 31 percent growth in mobile analytics and 153 percent growth in Facebook analytics.

This has added to an already rapidly expanding global customer base arising out of newly launched technological innovations and critical business partnerships established in the year.

Many global brands use Webtrends solutions for digital intelligence. New marquee customers include: Children’s Network, Cricket Communications, Marin Software, MIT Sloan School of Management, Qantas and Travelodge.

Webtrends has seen enormous interest in its social measurement solution, as more and more brands are relying on social media to engage with customers, increase conversions and drive ROI. This is evidenced by triple-digit growth in Facebook analytics alone. The company’s robust analytics makes it possible to measure revenue, leads and engagements, among other metrics and tie them back to specific business objectives.

Webtrends’ newly introduced Webtrends Streams is a digital intelligence solution that provides enterprises the ability to transform their online business in real time. Webtrends Streams harnesses rich visitor-level data real-time across all digital properties, including web sites, mobile and social channels.

Webtrends for SharePoint 2013 delivers valuable analytics capabilities and usage insights to SharePoint 2013 users, with backward compatibility of most new functionality to customers using SharePoint 2010. It is a flexible update to the Webtrends for SharePoint solution.

Webtrends’ Analytics On Demand along with enhanced social measurement solutions provides detailed measurement, intuitive dashboards and out-of-the-box reporting across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Webtrends Today is a free app for the iPad, available via iTunes. It places highly relevant marketing analytics and insights at users’ fingertips. The information includes trending data from websites, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Several key partnerships have expanded Webtrends measurement ecosystem, including: Axceler, Ensighten, HiSoftware, HootSuite, NewsGator, SAP, TagMan and Web Analytics Demystified.

“We are now entering the next generation of analytics, which are customer-centric and focused on empowering digital marketing teams to take the right action across every digital touch point in real time,” said Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends.

“As marketers, it’s not just about collecting data anymore, it’s about what you do with that data, what insights you can take away from it and how you can take action on it in the moment. It’s about seeing your customers in those bits and bytes and relating to them,” Yoder added.

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