Wave unveils cloud-based management for self-encrypting drives

Infotech Lead America: Wave Systems has launched a new cloud-based service for enterprise-wide management of self-encrypting drives (SEDs). The new Wave Cloud, company’s new subscription-based service, introduces a game-changing platform for enterprises that wish to rapidly deploy centrally managed hardware-based data encryption on laptops.

The company claims that this easily scalable, cost-effective central management for hardware-based endpoint encryption service is ideal for enterprises and small- to mid-sized businesses with limited it infrastructure.

SEDs provide one of the best defenses against data breach. Based on the Opal specification the drives are available at little to no incremental cost from a wide range of PC suppliers, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and others. Solid-state versions of SEDs are also available.

SEDs offer advantages over software encryption include better performance, faster deployment and enhanced security. An SED’s encryption is always on and cannot be turned off or otherwise compromised by the end user. SEDs are also impervious to cold-boot or side channel attacks.

Wave Cloud is available and deployable via the internet its simple, point-and-click interface enables most deployments to complete in less than three days.

The service offers a “pay only for what you use option” and requires no on-site servers, and subscription-fees scale to match the scope of endpoint protection that customers deploy.

Wave Cloud offers better performance than software encryption because encryption happens on a chip within the SED’s drive, it doesn’t compete for processing cycles with the laptop’s CPU or slow down running applications.

“Wave Cloud opens the door for a new generation of users to discover the top-shelf endpoint data protection afforded by SEDs. The service offers a capital-efficient and easily scalable means for rolling out self-encrypting drives in the enterprise  with the same management features to be expected from the Wave brand: remote management, policy enforcement and password retrieval,” said Brian Berger, executive vice president of marketing and sales, Wave.

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