VMworld 2015: VMware EVO SDDC and Virtual SAN 6.1. launched

VMware on Monday announced the launch of VMware EVO SDDC and VMware Virtual SAN 6.1. at VMworld 2015.

EVO SDDC and VMware Virtual SAN 6.1. are designed to simplify the build out and ongoing operations of software-defined data center at scale.

By extending virtualization across the data center, IT organizations can slash Capex by as much as 49 percent while reducing deployment and provisioning time from days to hours.

VMware EVO SDDC will assist customers to deploy and operate virtual infrastructure as a service. Efficiency, agility and control for building and operating private, public and hybrid clouds are some of the benefits of VMware EVO SDDC.

Enterprises and service providers can use VMware EVO SDDC to deploy a software-defined data center at scale. IT organizations can meet key data center scale initiatives, ranging from application and infrastructure delivery automation to business mobility to high availability and resilient infrastructure, without compromising security, control or choice.

“VMware EVO SDDC will bring to bear the entirety of our innovations across our software-defined data center portfolio in a comprehensive and integrated system that will be easy to deploy, operate and scale,” said John Gilmartin, vice president and general manager, Integrated Systems Business Unit, VMware.

VMware EVO SDDC will include VMware EVO SDDC Manager, a new automation engine that will simplify and reduce the time required for power-up, provisioning and monitoring of virtual and physical resources, including software, servers, top-of-rack and spine switches.

The EVO SDDC Manager will pool resources across multiple racks as a single “virtual rack” and can dynamically carve out workload domain capacity based on availability and performance requirements.

Rack-scale offerings built and managed with VMware EVO SDDC will scale in capacity starting from one-third rack to multiple racks and thousands of nodes at single server increments. Each fully populated rack will support more than 1,000 infrastructure as a service virtual machines or more than 2,000 desktop virtual machines, delivering a highly efficient and scalable infrastructure for cloud and virtual desktop deployments.

Initially, the solution will be available via branded, integrated system offerings direct from partners Dell, QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) and VCE. Over time, customers will also have the option to purchase the software direct from VMware, and then work with a pre-qualified partner to integrate the software onto hardware.

Baburajan K
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