VMware launches VMware Collaboration Bundle

VMware has launched Collaboration Bundle to integrate AirWatch content Locker, Socialcast and AirWatch video.

The new product integrates AirWatch Content Locker file sync and sharing, Socialcast enterprise social networking and AirWatch Video distribution and sharing products for customers to drive business and simplify information technology.

To transform business processes, tap into and distribute collective knowledge and protect sensitive information and intellectual property VMware Collaboration Bundle integrates AirWatch Content Locker, Socialcast and AirWatch Video.

The content and collaboration platform aggregates and mobilizes existing internal and cloud-based information repositories and bridges existing systems of record with secure social collaboration.

Company said the product also supports organizational alignment, discovers internal experts and connects applications and people with the content, social networking and video services.

The aggregation is possible across new and existing, internal and external repositories with mobile optimized access and enterprise data loss prevention.


Socialcast and AirWatch Video provide interactive broadcast mediums for text, files, images and video that is simpler than email attachments and allows cross organizational, two-way communication.

Experts are discovered and engaged in real time to get answers within the organization through social network.

Social analytics provide insight into recommendations for people, groups and content to follow within the social community.

With integration between AirWatch Content Locker, Socialcast, AirWatch Video and dozens of third-party applications, organizations can seamlessly share content and ideas without compromising security or losing data integrity and historical context.

The VMware Collaboration Bundle is available for purchase.

Last month, VMware launched vSphere 6, its unified platform for hybrid cloud to deliver new capabilities to address the needs of business-critical and cloud-native applications.

In February, VMware revealed its unified platform of virtualized compute, networking and storage for the hybrid cloud in San Francisco.

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